Hanging out at Hangdog

We took a well-deserved break from construction this month for some serious rock climbing at a local indoor gym. Rock climbing is the perfect metaphor for the Solar Decathlon experience: on first glance, the challenge looks almost insurmountable: sheer, scary and certainly not safe… but after actually getting onto the wall, finding those footholds and succeeding to, despite sweaty-fingers and a bit of self doubt, clutch onto those difficult handholds and move inexorably upwards, reaching the top suddenly seems achievable and the journey rewarding.

Also, the stylish harnesses symbolise our excellent style in real life. Yep, the links between rock climbing and building a super energy efficient solar powered house are more numerous than we could have ever imagined!

But anyway, regardless of ill formed analogies, the team had some great bonding time and well deserved break from the offices and building site.

Check out the album on our gallery page here.

Hanging out at Hangdog!

Hanging out at Hangdog!

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